Pampering your pet dog with one of the ultra-chic and comfortable pieces from the new Moncler jacket collection

Pieces from Poldo Dog Couture & Moncler are sure to give your pet dog a suave look

Pieces from Poldo Dog Couture & Moncler are sure to give your pet dog a suave look

Pet dog’s clothing just got fashionable when French-Italian luxury sportswear Moncler teamed up with Poldo Dog Couture, best known for its high-end dog apparel to bring refined Moncler jackets for pet dogs this Autumn-Winter 2017/2018.

Pieces from the new Moncler capsule collection come in two designs with distinctive features: a waistcoat in a lacquered nylon version with a logo showing a vision of the mountains and Moncler’s knit sweater.

The materials supplied by Poldo Dog Couture combine wool and nylon with high quality technical details. What results in the new Moncler capsule collection presents the cuts in classic and trendy styles, inspired by Italian sensibilities.

Instead of framing the campaign using the traditional models, the brands decided to photograph the winter wear on bulldogs. As the weather in Northern Hemisphere is getting intensely cold, now your pet can have fun on paws by running through the city streets and brave the cold with a jacket from the specially-designed capsule collection.

The Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 jackets are available in four colours of red, orange and more muted tones such as navy blue and darker hue of green.

The Moncler capsule X Poldo Dog Couture is now available in Moncler boutiques from October 2017. For more details, please visit

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