Sacré-bleu! We know we had to start stocking up on canned goods (you know, just in case of an impending apocalypse) and thanks to French beverage company Winestar, we can bring wine with us.

Despite that it doesn't sound like a concept that would originate in France - wine being an integral part of French culture, akin to being sacred - we have to applaud Winestar's efforts. In an aim to reintroduce wine into the palettes of drinkers who, according to Winestar founder Cedric Segal, are leaning towards purchasing canned fizzy drinks instead of bottled French wine. Cans are a lightweight, cheaper and efficient option.

Although the term "wine in a can" might seem declassé, don't turn your nose up on it just yet - Winestar is in no way marketing a cheap wine to be drunk by raucous teenagers. Quality is an area they are focusing on, by offering a range of wines from 12 different domains. The wines are also AOC (appellation d'origine controlee) and each can will clearly say which estate, appellation and grape varietal the wine is. The first series is from the Château de l'Ille in the Corbières appellation, available in 187ml cans. 

One key issue that immediately popped into our minds - how would aluminium cans affect the taste? Winestar has taken this into account and is using Vinsafe technology, which has been approved by two Masters of Wine. The technology apparently isolates the wine from the metal, preventing a metallic aftertaste.

Do you think the French will embrasse the notion of wine in a can? We can only wait and see!

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