French couture house Christian Dior is taking a closer look at the minute movements of its artisans as they craft its timepieces.

In a short film, the brand takes the viewer into its workshop, allowing them to be flies on the wall as its La D de Dior watches come to life. Rather than centering on a single watch’s creation, the video shows how different styles are assembled, depicting the manipulations of various materials.

Manufacturing movement
The one and a half minute film opens with a shot of a Dior boutique. From there, it takes consumers behind-the-scenes, capturing an employee mixing paint to create a colorful sketch of a D de Dior timepiece.

 Video still from Dior's craftsmanship film

Video still from Dior's craftsmanship film

Next, diamonds are carefully sorted before they are set into the face. A mother of pearl disk is buffed until it shines, while other natural materials such as jade are cut and polished with delicate movements.

Watch hands are gently positioned and attached, finishing the watch face. Assembling the straps, precious metals are cut and inspected before they are attached.

Since Dior's timepieces are only sold in-stores, this type of content provides a conversation starter for the brand, which it can then continue when consumers make an in-person visit.

Craftsmanship film can be very effective without being over-the-top.

British footwear maker John Lobb is highlighting the intimate relationship between a craftsman and his tools in an ongoing film series.

John Lobb’s “Gestures” depicts the choreography behind the shoemaking process, as artisans perform a duet with the wood, leather and other materials. The pared-down nature of the videos allows the work of the artisan to shine.

Source:     Photos/Video: Dior