A dog is as fabulous as his collar, and what better way to emphasize on its fabulousness (and its owner’s too) if not with the most expensive dog collar in the world?

Created by I Love Dogs Diamonds, the dazzling, diamond-studded “Bugatti of dog collars”, which will set you back a staggering $3.2 million, boasts over 1,600 hand-set diamonds encircling the clear highlight – a stunning centerpiece by way of a flawless, brilliant 7-carat diamond. 18-carat white gold and a selection of exotic leather and platinum make a glamorous finish to the 52-carat, diamond encrusted Amour Amour, which leads the label’s La Collection de Bijouz Amour.

Each custom-fitted collar makes sure your pooch feels comfortable in its statement piece. Now, with a dog collar like that, who would dare doubt your magnificence again?

Source: luxury-insider.com    Photos: I Love Dogs Diamonds