The Fall/Winter 2016 Dolce&Gabbana collection is all about whimsical fairytales and fantastical princesses, but there’s something else we can’t get enough of.

Other than being made for those always on-the-go, the humble sneaker adds a laidback, sporty cool to any outfit. Instead of effortlessly stylish yet boring white sneakers (which have made far too many appearances of late), try these fun, vibrant alternatives for a little personality.

The new Ibiza sneakers and the Capri sneakers make their debut in the Dolce&Gabbana family this season, with an added appeal of ultra-lightness, super flexibility and a kooky zig-zag sole for fresh vibes. Plus, we can’t resist the futuristic appeal of these sneakers; lined with fantastic pinks, greens and blues, the Ibiza sneaker also features the elastic and very-resistant neoprene on the upper shoe.

Choose from a range of prints to suit every personality – loud leopards (or a slightly subdued black version), great glitters, or understated block colors with a twist.

Also, go for some clean cut Velcro straps in the Capri sneakers and do away with messy, conventional shoelaces, complete with double-face lapin bands.

Source:     Photos: Dolce&Gabbana