French fashion house Dior is highlighting the appeal of the men who have worn its Eau Sauvage fragrance over the years in a cheeky manner.

The animated, one-minute video depicts the Sauvage man as a sex symbol, surrounding him with women who find him irresistible. With Eau Sauvage’s release dating back 50 years, this film is a way to introduce a new generation to the scent.

At the opening of the video, a wingback chair is shown from the back, with a man’s arm and legs visible. He holds a bottle of Eau Sauvage in his hand as if it were a lowball glass filled with scotch.

 Still from Dior’s Eau Sauvage film

Still from Dior’s Eau Sauvage film

As the vantage point zooms in on the bottle, the container’s lines turn into a beach scene, where a man wearing a bathing suit is lounging on the sand. A woman’s feet walk around him, and she jumps off a diving board into the water.

In another scene, the Sauvage man is seen speeding down a road in a sports car, a cigarette in his mouth. As the camera backs away, the viewer notices that his car is navigating the curves of a woman’s body.

Later vignettes take the perspective of a woman watching the man from afar. She peeks through binoculars as he drops his towel, and eventually sneaks up to his bathroom door.

Christian Dior wrote a new narrative for its Poison fragrance line in a bid for a younger demographic’s interest.

Developed by Francois Demachy, Dior’s Poison Girl is a new addition to the fragrance range, offering a “sweet floral, scandalously delicious” scent for women with an “alluring and nonchalant femininity.” Using a sultry New York party as a backdrop, the Poison Girl campaign taps into social media culture while exploring the uninhabited femininity of today’s modern woman

Source:     Photos: Dior