Photos Credit: Spyker

Photos Credit: Spyker

Of all the obscure niche automakers in Europe, Spyker is one of our favorites. Which is why we were disappointed when the company went bankrupt after overextending itself in an effort to save Saab from the same fate. But thankfully, Spyker has finally returned with the new C8 Preliator.

The third revision of Spyker's core model, the Preliator has all the right components: a 4.2-liter supercharged V8 supplied by Audi (rated at 518 horsepower), a suspension tuned by Lotus and brakes furnished by the experts at AP Racing. But there's more to the new Spyker C8 Preliator than the details on its spec sheet.

The Dutch automaker pays at least as much attention to the jewel-like detailing on its luxurious sports cars as it does on how fast they can go, and the new Preliator—the Latin word for “warrior”—takes things even further. The aluminum bodywork is as shapely as they come and the exterior details are exquisite. The cabin is trimmed in artfully-stitched leather, finely-crafted instruments and switchgear, and enough eye candy to keep its occupants as happy sitting still as they would be at high speed.

Production will be strictly limited to 50 examples, each priced at around $350,000.