Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz continues to pursue his passion for design with plans to develop a new condominium in New York City. Kravitz Design, the musician’s design company, was first founded in 2003, but 75 Kenmare marks the company’s first New York condo project.

According to Kravitz, had he not been a musician, he would have been a designer first and foremost. His company has had several successful ventures in its decade-and-a-half lifespan, including designs for a luxury recording studio for The Setai Group. Other clients of Kravitz’s company include the Morgan Hotel Group and Swarovski Crystal.

For 75 Kenmare, Kravitz is taking into account the atmosphere of the surrounding neighbourhood, trying to design something that works within the rhythm of the environment. “My vision for 75 Kenmare centers on a layered environment, drawing inspiration from the eccentric Downtown vibe while integrating elegant materials, such as unique natural stones, bonded metal and aged oak,” says Kravitz.  “Nolita has a style, rhythm and culture all its own, and we’ve created an environment that feels contemporary and refined, but also warm and inviting.”

Once the project is complete, the building will contain 35 units ranging from $1.7 million to $12 million in price.

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