Rachel Zoe chats about bringing her fashionable wares to The Grove and where she finds inspiration around LA.

From styling A-list celebrities for the red carpet to becoming a reality-show darling, a best-selling author, and celebrated designer, it’s easy to classify Rachel Zoe as a multi-hyphenate fashion star. Now Zoe is taking her sartorial sensibilities to The Grove for a pop-up shopping experience that runs through March 31.

Here, we sit down with Zoe to find out what shoppers can expect to buy at her pop-up, what inspired her spring collection, and why she wears jumpsuits almost daily.

Why did you decide to do a pop-up at The Grove?
RACHEL ZOE: Everyone I know kind of lives there and they spend so much of their free time there. It’s a really wonderful place to be for an extended period of time. It’s kind of one-stop shopping, so I was excited to be a part of that.

What can shoppers expect to find at the pop-up?
RZ: Pretty much you’re entering the world of [Rachel Zoe]—jewelry, shoes, ready-to-wear, vintage. It’s going to be a lot of spring, which is good because it’s 80 degrees out. I feel like we’re kind of in a spring state of mind right now.

What was the inspiration behind your spring collection?
RZ: My spring collection was very much about the gypset bohemian girl that’s kind of always traveling. If she’s not traveling, she thinks she’s traveling in her mind—she’s getting dressed like that. So there’s lots of French, lace, and femininity. Kind of romantic dressing and beautiful prints. Clothes that really work into your everyday life.

Why launch a pop-up and e-commerce at this stage?
RZ: I wanted to put out a clear message of what I’m trying to say as a designer. Just really be in control of what I want to sell to the customer and the message behind it, the language behind the collection, and the overall feeling. I think sometimes you can’t get that sense of a brand or designer when someone else is necessarily selling it. They buy things in a few pieces per season, whereas for the store and for my site, I can merchandise the collection as I did the show—sort of put out who is the girl this season, what is the message, what is the look, what is the feeling, what is the emotion behind the collection, that type of thing. I’m very excited to be able to style it as I want to and just really control the sort of feeling of the season.

Do you think a more permanent brick-and-mortar store is in your future?
RZ: Sure! I mean, that’s the dream, right? I think the idea is to test things before you commit. I like to definitely get a sense of how things are before I go full on, and I think this is an example of that.

Your new collection, dubbed Core, is also available at the pop-up. Why did you decide to create these pieces?
RZ: I created a Core collection because it was a variation of the pieces that I do in pretty much every season—whether it’s jumpsuits, a tuxedo, [or] a great trouser. It's sort of my version of what I feel every woman should have in her life to go to all the time.

Do you have a favorite piece that you wear from your spring collection?
RZ: Oh God, I wear jumpsuits nonstop. I would say almost every day. If not every day, I would say several times a week I wear some version of a jumpsuit. There’s so many favorites in spring. I love some of the beaded dresses. There’s this kind of cold-shoulder dress that I did in ivory and in black—I have it on right now actually. It’s just an easy dress to wear for day or night, and a midi-length, which is so comfortable.

You were saying that you love wearing jumpsuits. What is it about that particular item that you love?
RZ: I feel like a jumpsuit is, for me, a version of a little black dress. I love a good little black dress, but I feel like jumpsuits can be worn casual for day and then dressy for night. It’s a great staple that kind of looks a little bit dressier than separates, but more interesting sometimes and, for me, just incredibly comfortable. I like having an all-in-one.

Do you have any spots around LA that you draw from for fashion inspiration?
RZ: I’m definitely a creature of habit. I would say Chateau Marmont, Soho House, Sunset Tower. I love old Hollywood. I love Malibu. I love the beaches. For spring and summer, I’m kind of always in that frame of mind. Who is that girl running around on the beach? What does she want to look like when she leaves the beach and goes to dinner? I think that’s the great thing about California. There’s so many different inspirations here.

- Source: LA Confidential   By: Rakhee Bhatt    Photo: LA Confidential Magazine