Italian fashion label Ferragamo is portraying the many roles a Signorina woman plays in her life through a dramatic campaign.

“My Life is a Play” centers on a short film in which model Grace Hatzel embodies all three personalities of the Signorina fragrance line in four minutes, demonstrating the range of interactions that the scents can inspire. Tied to the launch of Ferragamo’s latest women’s scent, Signorina Misteriosa, this effort enables women to explore the scent personalities through performance.

“Ferragamo continues its evocative journey through the multiple facets of women’s modernity,” said David Benattar, CEO of Hyperbolic, a New York-based creative agency. “It’s ambitious, elevated, Italian style that their long form video content can communicates online better than anywhere else.

“In fact, Ferragamo is making a clever use of the totality of its digital platforms, and the integration of social media content creates a rich universe that speaks volume.”

Mr. Benattar is not affiliated with Ferragamo, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Ferragamo was unable to comment directly before press deadline.

Premiere performance
Ferragamo kicked off My Life is a Play through an immersive event held during New York Fashion Week. On Feb. 13, the brand invited more than 300 influencers to the nightclub The Box.

Held in partnership with Bloglovin’, the evening included live choreography inspired by the campaign.

With the launch of this latest fragrance, Ferragamo’s Signorina now has three distinct personalities: the romantic original Signorina, Signorina Eleganza and Signorina Misteriosa.

These facets of the same woman are explored in a new short directed by Sebastien Grousset. At the start, a single spotlight comes up on a darkened stage, and Ms. Hatzel steps out into the circle of light, wearing a pale pink slip dress. She states to the audience, “My life is a play.”

Video still from My Life is a Play. 

A feminine, pink set closes in around her, and the first vignette begins. After contemplating a knock at the door, she opens it and in walks a butler carrying a large pink gift box.

She tears at the wrapping and reveals Signorina. A group of maids bustles in around her and primps her hair and makeup as if performing a dance.

As on stage, the scene changes when the lights dim, and Ms. Hartzel reappears wearing a golden evening gown. The lights come up again to reveal a lavish party.

The model traipses around the room, posing with frozen partygoers. This scene is accompanied by a dialogue between a man and a woman in which he professes his love and she asserts her independence.

Video still from My Life is a Play. 

Ms. Hartzel eventually saunters over to a side table, where a bottle of Signorina Eleganza is perched. After she sprays the perfume on her neck, the party scene comes to life in hyper speed as she bounces from one dance partner to the next.

Suddenly in the mayhem, a man catches her eye as he sits apart from the rest of the party. The voiceover plays again, suggesting him as the male speaker. Just as they lock glances, she gets pulled from the scene.

After a black out, she reappears exiting a black car outside an unmarked building. She strides over to a bouncer and receives a hand stamp that reads “mysterious.”

Clad in a black leather outfit, Ms. Hartzel’s entrance into the bar is met with much whispering. After another back-and-forth with her pursuer, she reiterates that she can’t be caged. Her lover and the scene around her disappear into darkness as she pulls the curtain cord.

On Ferragamo’s Web site, the brand invites consumers to further discover their perfect fragrance with a quiz. By answering questions about personality, shoe preferences, dream city to live in and favorite flower, the questionnaire matches the consumer with her Signorina scent.

“The quiz is just another engagement tool, an efficient mechanics that builds data through dialogue,” Mr. Benattar said.

Ferragamo gives each fragrances its own page, on which the consumer can view the corresponding segment of the “play.” The world of the fragrance is further explored through the lens of influencers.

Personality profile
Often, different scents within the same line are treated as related yet distinct in marketing efforts.

For instance, France’s Chanel is showing off its “radiant, vibrant, spirited” side with a new campaign effort for its Chance fragrance range.

Chanel has positioned the Chance fragrances as accoutrements to the wearer’s personality, a common theme in the perfume sector that leads to deeper connection with brand and product. Now, Chanel has added Chance Eau Vive to the range to give consumers another option for matching character to scent.

Fragrance can enable longstanding houses to experiment with a more rebellious attitude that they may not be able to explore in their fashions.

French house Christian Dior is writing a new narrative for its Poison fragrance line in a bid for a younger demographic’s interest.

Developed by Francois Demachy, Dior’s Poison Girl is a new addition to the fragrance range, offering a “sweet floral, scandalously delicious” scent for women with an “alluring and nonchalant femininity.” Using a sultry New York party as a backdrop, the Poison Girl campaign taps into social media culture while exploring the uninhabited femininity of today’s modern woman.

“What’s clever about this piece, it’s the ability to capture multiple personalities, a challenge that digital media can address better than any other,” Mr. Benattar said.

“It’s about creating an harmonious self, a clear departure from static imagery that fully embraces the breadth of digital media,” he said. “Said more simply, it’s well honed marketing craft.”

- Source: Luxury Daily