Engineered for the Water

Take the ride of your life with the world’s most advanced production water bike. Merging modern design, technology, and engineering, the S1 is a high quality, water bike that delivers all the virtues of cycling in an aquatic environment. Featuring our proprietary drive train, integrated handle bar steering and rugged inflatable pontoons, the S1 is designed to deliver a fast, exhilarating, and safe ride. Quiet, sustainable and human powered, the lightweight S1 is easy to assemble, transport and store in compact spaces. The S1 is designed, engineered and built in the USA.



Engineered for Speed

Engineered to harness the maximum amount of human energy into speed on the water, the S1 uses an optimized propeller, proprietary gear box and Gates Carbon Drive belts. With 1:7.5 gearing our system ensures maximum thrust and minimal energy loss at typical cycling cadences.

Responsive Steering

A handlebar controlled proprietary steering mechanism, directly turns the propeller which is mounted on the low drag Schiller outdrive unit. Directly turning the propeller ensures riders can easily navigate in tight spaces without the need for a separate rudder.

Built to Fit

What kind of water craft can you take IN your car, store in a city apartment or take on an airplane? The S1's compact frame and modular design allows you to do all three. We designed the S1 to go from land to water in under 10 minutes.

Source: SchillerBikes.com     Photos: SchillerBikes.com