Beverly Hills Beignet: The Sour Patch

Beverly Hills Beignet: The Sour Patch

My Personal Beverly Hills Beignet Experience

Today I had the most amazing exclusive personal beignet tasting at Beverly Hills Beignet located in the famed Beverly Hills Golden Triangle. Owner Maggie Finneran's team rolled out the professional red carpet style attentive service, with a laid back ease. By the way, this type of service was not reserved solely for my personal tasting experience, it is simply par for the course for all who grace the entrance to their quaint Parisian style cafe.

The tasting invitation was to allow me the opportunity to experience their different types of beignets. During my tasting I was offered the opportunity to taste absolutely anything on the menu. While it was tempting to taste literally everything, I opted to taste 2 Savory style beignets and 2 Sweet style. This is what is so wonderful about Beverly Hills Beignet, there is something for everyone. If sweets don't wet your whistle, they have the most mouth watering savory beignets to satisfy both meat eaters and non meat eater vegitarians.

My 4 Tasting Selections and Ratings:

The Parisian - Smoke Ham, and Gruyere cheese, served with Dijon Vinaigrette dipping sauce: The Parisian was a warm and welcomed twist on ham and cheese. The blend of flavors in the ham and the gruyere cheese hit my palate perfectly. More compact, and far less messy than a ham and cheese croissant, and a must substitute for serving ham and cheese finger sandwiches.

The Country Life - Maple-Glazed Bacon with Maple Bourbon dipping sauce. The Country Life has a taste that takes you back to something familiar. There is something about it that taste like home. It is a delicious comfort food snack and the sauce is an added bonus to the very last bite.

Both of these Savory style beignets were light and fluffy with just the right amount of filling, encased inside the impeccably cooked tender dough. The dipping sauces were an added bonus to what was already a pretty perfect tasting savory beignet.  #BonAppetit My Rating - 5 out of 5

The Sea Salt & Caramel - Crunchy Sugar with Salted Caramel dipping sauce. I love caramel, so this one had big shoes to fill for my taste buds...and it did. Perfectly cooked with a bit of a crunch to the outer dough, and from the crunchy sugar. The sea salt caramel had just the right amount of salt to offset the sugar giving it an overall sophisticated taste.

The Sour Patch - Tart Sugar with Lemon Curd dipping sauce. Lemon flavored desserts are not always a hit for me, but I dare say that I will be ordering The Sour Patch with lemon curd dipping sauce again. Served warm or room temperature, this one is a winner. Lightly tangy, yet with a hint of sweetness from the tart sugar. BH Beignet mastered the perfect blend of sweet and tart on this little treat.

Both of these Sweet style beignets were a melt in your mouth symphony of goodness in every bite. It was a sheer delight for my discerning taste buds. My Rating - 5 out of 5

My beignet tasting experience was beyond what I had expected, so much so that I just could not resist sharing my oh so delish experience with you. However, tasting is believing, therefore I recommend that you be sure to stop by Beverly Hills Beignet at 9527 S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills, CA 90210, and have a taste..or two...for yourself. You will love it!

Beverly Hills Beignet: The Back Story

Located in Beverly Hill’s elite Golden Triangle, BH Beignet pays homage to the luxe and glamour of Old Hollywood while showcasing its superstar — The Beignet! BH Beignet’s chic and luxurious atmosphere combined with its beignets’ sweet and savory flavors are exactly what LA’s food lovers have been craving.

      Last fall while taking her son, Maxx, to move into NOLA’s Tulane University, Maggie Finneran, creator of BH Beignet, went on a whirlwind trip with him and several foodie
friends attempting to try every beignet the amazing city had to offer.

     Eight months later, on July 21st 2016, Finneran opened the doors of the flagship BH Beignet location situated on the bustling Little Santa Monica Blvd. at 9536 S. Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

      In the months leading up to the long-awaited launch of BH Beignet, Finneran worked with the revered Lincoln Carson, one of the country’s most highly-acclaimed pastry chefs. She crafted her own rendition of the timeless 1930’s French beignet dough by combining it with a dash of epicurean modernity. This is what became the eventual foundation of the perfectly-crafted, artisan BH Beignet menu.

      All beignets are well-rounded and made in-house with whole, locally-sourced ingredients, so naturally, they’d need a dipping sauce to match. BH Beignet’s beignets and dipping sauces are all hand-crafted fresh daily out of the finest ingredients available, such as King Arthur flour, Plugra cultured butter, Valrhona and Guittard chocolate, Nueske bacon, and Maldon sea salt, just to name a few. Their spices are supplied by specialty spice houses across the globe and their bouquets, which can be seen counter-side and scattered throughout the restaurant, from DTLA’s own Flower District.

      From the trademarked logo and decor, to the premium linen aprons, and the menu, BH Beignet exudes an undeniable feeling of Old Hollywood glamour from the moment you enter the pristine establishment.

       There are some quaint details: The large, sultry mural spanning the entire length of the restaurant, the classic bistro-style music, the French café tables, the Rococo mirror, and, of course, the sweet and savory beignets, as well as the selection of premium beverages you have to choose from, all of which have been carefully curated such that they pair exquisitely with their freshly-made Euro doughnuts.

     BH Beignet boasts a vast array of specialty loose leaf tea, French-press coffee and an inimitable frozen hot chocolate that’s based on an old family recipe and was a childhood favorite of Finneran’s.

      To draw guests’ stay to a contemporary and elegant close, they are presented with an oh-so- novel, not to mention, innovative, Pure Brand Napkin, a 100% organic cotton, non-toxic sanitizing solution that takes the shape of a condensed disposable towelette pellet which, when doused with the contents of the neighboring vial of water expands into a full-sized, fully- functional hand wipe with which they are free to do away with any powdered sugar goodness that might remain after the unforgettable beignet experience they just had.

     Finneran is devoted to making the best beignets and bringing people together. It’s what gets her out of bed every morning and keeps her up late at night. She believes that you can grow a business as a community of people with artful attention to detail and self-awareness. With this comes the promise of unabated improvement and the ability to continue to deliver to most decadent beignet and an experience unlike any other.


BHB Family


Source: BH Beignet     Photo: Alexis Day; BH Beignet