While owning a private plane can convey a certain degree of elite status, owning a Cobalt Valkyrie-X in Rose Gold conveys a different message entirely. This one of a kind aircraft is considered the fastest piston engine plane in the skies. The powerful yet efficient 350 horsepower engine propels the Valkyrie-X to 230 miles per hour and and range of 1,150 miles.

The cabin is finished in Alancatra suede and has a practical 3 person layout with a large canopy for breathtaking views as you streak across the sky. Room for golf clubs and skis make this the perfect getaway vehicle for your getaway.

The lucky owner of this 1.5 million dollar ‘gift’ will be making statements on the ground as well as at 10,000 feet.

The Neiman Marcus edition includes 2 years of 24/7 technical support in the United States and is scheduled for delivery in 2017.

Source: TheTopTier.net via 2016 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book                                            Photos: TheTopTier.net via 2016 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book