British auto manufacturer Caterham partnered with London luxury department store Harrods in creating a special edition of its Seven sports car to mark the launch of Caterham Signature, the company’s first formalized personalization service.

Powered by a Ford Duratec 1999cc engine, the bespoke edition—known as the Harrods Caterham—is based on Caterham’s Seven 420R, which boasts a top speed of 136 mph, produces 210 bhp, and can hit 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

Painted in Harrods green with a custom white stripe outlined in gold, the car is outfitted with butterscotch leather upholstery, with “Harrods” embroidered on its seat backs and the iconic “H” emblazoned on the gear knob. It also features a chassis powder-coated in gold.

“We wanted to make the Harrods Caterham a real object of desire, so our touches are subtle and understated and, at the same time, reflect genuine quality,” said Harrods’ media director Guy Cheston.

Priced at $73,400 (£59,999), the special model is on display at the Knightsbridge store, where it will be available for purchase through October during Harrods (Super) Man month.

Caterham Signature allows clients to customize their cars—each of which are painstakingly hand-built in Great Britain—down to the decals. Chassis can now be powder-coated in any color—an option formerly reserved for the Seven 620 and a handful of special-edition models—while interior panels come in carbon and Muirhead leather.

Dash panels are available in an assortment of ways, from realistic wood-grain to custom paint. Customers can now add contrast piping to the hood and weather gear of their cars, and opt for lighter-weight race seats in lieu of the standard black leather seats. And wheels are available in a slew of hues and in three different styles.

“A Caterham Seven isn’t a car you need to buy–it’s a car you buy because you want it,” Caterham said in a statement. “As much, we believe you should make it your own in every way.”

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