Aventura has an overall popular upscale real estate market. An ever-increasing and varied number of groups are interested in its luxury real estate including foreign investors such as Chinese buyers. This sector tops the list because China has a new wealthy middle class.

Although the percentage of Chinese buyers for South Florida real estate has doubled in the last three years, there is still plenty of room for more foreign investors in this high-end real estate market. South Florida Realtors are actively pursuing relationships with Asian contacts to market and promote the area's upscale properties. 


South Florida Real Estate Agents and developers will focus their efforts on Chinese buyers, as well as other foreign investors. Florida Realtors expect to make considerable progress in their campaign to attract interest in the local luxury market from foreign purchasers. They are optimistic about the outcome of these new partnerships. 

A certain sector of the Chinese population has a definite interest in acquiring Florida properties. Obviously, many Chinese purchasers are also interested in real estate at other global locations. Yet the high-end South Florida market has captured the attention of a distinct percentage of buyers in China.

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Aventura has some of the best upscale real estate in Florida. Aventura is home to an affluent lifestyle, oceanfront homes, and varied luxury real estate. The tropical warmth and white sandy beaches, as well as first-class golf courses, are a draw on their own. There are many splendid waterfront properties to choose from in this amazing city.

-Source: LuxuryRealEstate.com  By: Kevin M. Leonard