We serve luxury real estate agents, real estate developers, builders, and real estate brokerages nationwide. We develop strategies for properties that help tell their unique stories and garner coverage in news media, and on social network platforms to help sale properties faster.

It has been said that the process of selling luxury real estate is unequivocally in a class of its own. While this declaration may hold merit, the selling process isn't solely connected to the property, the client has to first be sold on the representing agent in order to contact them.

While the architectural custom built master piece property may be the center of attention in a high dollar real estate acquisition, the agent must shine just as brightly to behold a key player position in the luxury real estate arena. It goes without saying that a top agent should have an impeccable work ethic, and develop a stellar reputation built upon trust, market knowledge, reliability and an unparalleled level of service. This is key in setting them apart to rise to the top. However in today's world of cyber communication and digital marketing, a top agent must also focus on their personal brand within the digital landscape. This piece of the marketing puzzle is an essential touch for their credibility. Strategic internet marketing has it's roll in who gets the big deals.

In the cyber world that we live in, a tactical marketing plan is vital to reach a target niche of real prospects in the high stakes real estate game. We work with our clients to develop and execute a branding strategy for their properties and for themselves. We consult in individualized ways to help create a bespoke brand impression that captures a luxury audience, and that generates a word of mouth buzz to help gain traction and catch the ear of high-end clients.

Yes, by all means you must be an expert in knowing the market, knowing the inventory, knowing your competitors, fostering trust and long lasting relationships, generating a robust referral business, building a fat black book of UHNWI’s, negotiating like a ninja and closing sales like a peerless lion, all while never letting them see you sweat to be a respected player in the luxury real estate market. But let’s be real, you have to look and smell good too, just as much as the castles you sell...and we can help you do that.
— Alexis Day Agency